vrijdag 25 februari 2011


ruined the week...
But we got some Bojd clips today and nick skated kapelstraat after 2 years.

woensdag 23 februari 2011

Some Arnhem pictures by Bojd...

Bojd flickr.

First day of filming with Frank and Wim in Arnhem...

Today the first film day with the Arnhem boys.
It was cold as hell and forcast said snow but luckely for us NO snow at all.
The amersfoort boys Luca & Chris,Robin from Ede and Bert from Arnhem joined and it was a fresh productive session.


Frank Knop 27 years old skater from Arnhem holland.

Wim Geurink 26 years old skater from Arnhem holland.

These 2 skaters are 2 of my favorite skaters for years in holland.
Not a lot of people know about their clean style, fun spots and always
down to skate the more creative spots.
iam gonna film these 2 guys for a year to show everybody how sweet their style is.

Next week i will introduce the 3rd skater who will get his own part in my flick.

As seen on VALO!...


zondag 20 februari 2011

The low down...

So here is the low down.
i have been filming skateing for over 14 years now.
in 1999 i made a skatefilm on VHS tape called "concrete jungle"
i helped out Steffen haars on his projects "Pindakaas" and "urban masters"
Years later in the digital era i had my share in online edits and some parts in dutch skate dvd as
"lomp" "supermossels" and "aorta"

I always had a dream to make my own dvd but after my canon gl2 died i couldnt make
any thing good.
Now i got myself an sony fx-1 and i decided to film for a year with 5 people (who will be named soon) and make a nice skate dvd called THE BREAKFAST CLUB.

The name came to me after watching the 1985 movie "THE BREAKFAST CLUB"
I always loved this movie and the music from that era so i want to try to mix those 2 together with the skateing.

its always a big task to make all the things you want come true but, i have a year to see what is possible and whats not.

I will post photos from sessions and maybe some left over clips to keep everybody juiced and informed.

Feel free to tell your friends about this project.


zaterdag 19 februari 2011

de kop is eraf ( the beginning has started)

Filming for the new cavin.b flick has begon.
And what a better place to start filming then the kapelstraat in hilversum.
keep an eye on the blog for updates,info about the dvd,pictures and maybe some clips.

the breakfast club.