zondag 20 februari 2011

The low down...

So here is the low down.
i have been filming skateing for over 14 years now.
in 1999 i made a skatefilm on VHS tape called "concrete jungle"
i helped out Steffen haars on his projects "Pindakaas" and "urban masters"
Years later in the digital era i had my share in online edits and some parts in dutch skate dvd as
"lomp" "supermossels" and "aorta"

I always had a dream to make my own dvd but after my canon gl2 died i couldnt make
any thing good.
Now i got myself an sony fx-1 and i decided to film for a year with 5 people (who will be named soon) and make a nice skate dvd called THE BREAKFAST CLUB.

The name came to me after watching the 1985 movie "THE BREAKFAST CLUB"
I always loved this movie and the music from that era so i want to try to mix those 2 together with the skateing.

its always a big task to make all the things you want come true but, i have a year to see what is possible and whats not.

I will post photos from sessions and maybe some left over clips to keep everybody juiced and informed.

Feel free to tell your friends about this project.


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