dinsdag 11 oktober 2011

Last day NYC.

So last night some people got really drunk and so it was a mission to get out the house today.
We wanted to skate the spot on the river so we could film a trick with the skyline, within 3 min cops showed up and kicked us away.
We found a metal ledge against a wall with a lil bank in front so we skated that for a bit got 2 clips and called it a day.
Our legs are tired from skateing that much.

We want to thank Mike V for letting us stay in his hous e last couple off days and we hope your ankle is going to get well soon
Sean, Dave, Nigel, Dominic, Dan and all the other skaters we met. Tanx for the kindness and joy.
Tommorow we fly back to a wet (so i,ve heard) Holland.

Everyone we met on this trip thank you so much for all.

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