zaterdag 26 november 2011

Dans Paris.

Since the summer in Holland skipped the autumn and turned immediately into a horror winter, Cavin decided recently to get off to Paris with Wim "Clipmania" Geurink and Marnix Haak. Three lonely souls on their way to Paris, the city of croissants, a bout de souffle, fromage and love. Wim was unstoppable the first day and got around 5 clips. He was so happy he introduced the word 'cooola' to the french while metro'ing from spot to spot, repping his behindcorner farmer-rootz.
The second day Marnix did the impossible by getting more clips than clipmania Wim. We still dont know how this could happen, maybe it was the matching baret Wim gave him which gave Mx xxtra force that day.
That night some shuffeling went down on a private techno party in a basement. Before Wim and Mx totally lost their brakes Cavin called it a day, a wise decision keeping the boys fresh for the last day.
Mx had some unfinished business and we wanted to check a new area, but 'le gendarmerie' fucked it up by towing our car away. By the time we found our car back (on the other side of Paris) and got on our skates the rain faded in. We had a quick session which finally brought us a clip of Cavin le Macon himself and two of Wim, Toefke G the unreachable. Paris was 'prachtig mooi', now get some rest for London..

Gold, baby girl, that ring is made of.. Goldddd

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