maandag 19 december 2011

The end is near.. Montage in full affect!!!

It's a wrap!
This year ridiculous much filming has been going on. Especially the last few months we travelled many places, met new people and created a lot of ackwardness with the team. Wim Geurink Frank Knop Robin Bosgra Marnix Haak Wouter Schokkin Bojd Vredevoogd Eric van Boven Patrick Ridder Leon Humphries Elliot Stevens Joe Atkinson Neil Ingall Dylan Higgins Freddy White Clement Bee...... The roof is certainly on fire.

At this moment the montage is going down, which is a big task since we got so fucking much footage. The end of january we must deliver the master DVD to the print shop, so we have everything finished for the premiere at the WINTERCLASH 10 & 11 februari. There will also be a premiere in Amsterdam, more information on this will follow soon!

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