maandag 9 januari 2012

Sven Boekhorst CITYHOPPER Teaser.

CITYHOPPER is a video project starring Sven Boekhorst. This project features a documentary part, CITYHOPPER+, and a hardcore skatepart. All in the name of testing out the new SB pro model skate by Rollerblade. The test started small but evolved into a big project with several stunts in different cities. Sven did stunts on highly recognizable locations like the Dam Square and the Red Light District in Amsterdam, the Erasmus bridge in Rotterdam, and at the PSV stadium in Eindhoven. This project was filmed and edited by Remy Cadier and Axel Van Dijk. Music featured in the trailer courtesy of Flash Grimey Full report about the City Hopper Project: RELEASE CITY HOPPER VIDEO: 22.01.2012

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